Chapter 4: Of Creation

PARA 1- Creation described

  1. The purpose of creation
    • In the beginning it pleased God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for the manifestation of the glory of his eternal power, wisdom, and goodness,
  2. Creation event
    • to create or make the world, and all things therein, whether visible or invisible,
  3. The time of creation
    • In the beginning ;  in the space of six days,
  4. The goodness of creation
    • and all very good.


  1. Male and Female
    • After God had made all other creatures, he created man, male and female,
  2. Body and Soul
    • with reasonable and immortal souls, rendering them fit unto that life to God for which they were created;
  3. The image of God
    • being made after the image of God, in knowledge, righteousness, and true holiness;
  4. God’s law written in human heart
    • having the law of God written in their hearts, and power to fulfil it, and yet under a possibility of transgressing, being left to the liberty of their own will, which was subject to change.

PARA 3- God’s special command

  1. Special command
    • Besides the law written in their hearts, they received a command not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil,
  2. Man’s state in obedience to God’s special command.
    1. which whilst they kept, they were happy in their communion with God, and had dominion over the creatures.

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