Scripture References: Luke 1:5-80


  • ‘Elizabeth ‘means God is my oath, that is a worshipper of God. Elizabeth was Zechariah’s wife, who was a Priest and she was a descendant of Aaron. They didn’t have any children and they were old in their age. The angel of the Lord meets Zechariah in the temple courts and tells the plan of they being blessed with a child. In due time, the Lord blessed Zechariah and Elizabeth with a child and they named him John.

Qualities of Elizabeth

  1. She was a godly woman.

Luke 1:6 says ‘And they were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless’.  What a wonderful description of Zechariah and Elizabeth! Righteous and blameless, two profound words used to describe them. They believed the word of God; they obeyed the word of God and walked a blameless life before God. This shows how godly they were as a couple.

  • Her trust in God inspite of her barrenness.

She was old and barren, but still she was faithful. There is no mention of her being bitter, complaining or doubtful. Her barrenness drew her closer to God.  She trusted God and lived a righteous and blameless life inspite of her barrenness.

  • Her thankfulness to God

When she conceived, she hid herself for 5 months, we are not sure why she didn’t go out, but all the time she pondered upon how God dealt with her graciously, how He has looked upon her and removed her reproach among people. She thanked and praised God for all that He had done for her.

  • She was very humble

Mary and Elizabeth were cousins, it was at the same time both of them were with the child. When Mary came to see Elizabeth, the way Elizabeth reacted really amazes us. She very well knew that Mary is going to be the mother of the Lord, but there was no jealously or envy which she showed, rather she was humble and said, I m not worthy that the mother of the Lord should come to see me. She was so filled with joy for Mary. She said blessed are you Mary and blessed is the child that you bear.

  • Her motherhood and upbringing of the child

She named her son John, which means God has been Gracious. In

 Luke 7:28, we see Jesus telling, “For I say to you, among those born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist; but he who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.”  John the Baptist was the greatest prophet, Elizabeth and Zechariah played an important role in upbringing John in a godly way.


  1. When we look at Elizabeth and Zechariah’s Godly life, it really should envy us. There is such a beautiful description in the Bible about their life, they both were righteous before God, walking in obedience to God and they were blameless. Our desire should be to be Godly like them.
  2. Not always our afflictions are direct result of God’s punishment. Elizabeth was godly and righteous, yet God allowed her to be barren, He wanted His purpose to be fulfilled in her life. This gives us great comfort. Yes, God for his glory allows afflictions in our life to shape and make us like Christ. In fact, her affliction would have helped her to trust in God and lean on him.
  3. We should always be thankful to God like Elizabeth no matter whatever our circumstance is. When she was barren, she was thankful to God; when God blessed and she conceived, she was thankful to God. We should learn to be thankful at all times not just during our good times even in our affliction.
  4. We should learn to be content in God like Elizabeth. Though she was barren we don’t see her grumbling or complaining like Sarah or Rachel. She neither took any decisions on her own without trusting God. She trusted and waited in the Lord for his time to have a child. She was content in what God had blessed her because her greatest treasure was God.
  5. We should learn to be humble like her. She never felt that she should be honoured more than Mary because God had blessed her too, rather she was humble and gave all the glory to God for her as well as Mary. We must examine ourself how is our attitude when God bless others more than us, do we glorify God or do we grumble?

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