About US

Our Passion

We believe God has spoken in His eternal Word and speaks to us through illuminating work of the Holy Spirit.   His truth continually transforms us to His image.   Hence, we give highest priority to reading, explaining, understanding, and applying of God’s word verse by verse.   It is the most thrilling part of our worship.   By God’s grace for the last few years, we have been going through the book of Genesis, Exodus, John, I Peter, Jude, , Revelation verse by verse exposition and we are awestruck with the depth and power of truth in God’s word and the way it is transforming our lives.   Our life’s passion and commitment is for a deeper understanding of his Word and applying it to our lives.   God willing, our desire is to go through the entire Bible verse by verse as a church before we meet the Lord!    We strive sincerely to share the love of Christ among us through deeds of love.  With a deep burden for souls around us, we strive to preach the gospel both through word and our lives, aiming to live an excellent life among the gentiles to honor Christ.   We rejoice in the privilege of proclaiming far and wide the excellencies of Him who called us into His light from the darkness.

Our Identity

We are a Reformed Baptist church. “Reformed” points to our embrace of many of the great Biblical teachings emphasized during the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, including the teachings that salvation is by the grace of God alone through faith alone in Christ alone and that the Bible alone in the authoritative voice of God today.  We are glad to worship God as God and welcome the fact that he is in control of everything in the universe, including our salvation.

We are a Baptist church.  As such, we believe that the ordinance of baptism is to be administered only to those who make credible professions of faith in Christ.  Consequently, the membership of the church consists only of those who have made — and are still making — credible professions of faith.  A detailed statement of what we believe can be found in the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith.

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