Stoning of Stephen

When there arose an issue in the food distribution among the Hellenist and Hebrews; that the Hellenist widows are being ignored while food distribution. Apostles choose seven Godly, wise men, full of Spirit to assist in the food distribution. Stephen was one among the seven, chosen. Stephen, a man full of God’s grace and power, did great wonders and miraculous signs among the people.

Some of the Jewish leaders were arguing with Stephen about what he taught. They just couldn’t stop him from preaching, so they secretly told the men to say that, they had heard Stephen say offensive words against God. The Jewish leaders got the people all worked up and Stephen was brought to the Jewish council.

They had false witnesses come in and tell lies about him.

The high priest asked if this was true and Stephen began by telling the council about Moses, how God delivered the Israelites. He talked about Abraham, Joseph and his father Jacob; how they were saved from the famine by God. He talked about David. Though he shared all this to the council, they were stubborn, they knew about God but they wanted to do what they felt like instead of what God asked to do.

The men shouted out and plugged their ears! They ran at Stephen and took him out of the city to stone him. The men that were witnesses in the temple were by law supposed to throw the first stones. Those witnesses laid their coats at the feet of Saul.

The clothes they laid at Saul’s feet would have been the outer coat that would get in the way when they heaved the rocks at Stephen.

As the people were stoning him, Stephen called to Jesus – “receive my spirit”. Stephen was ready to go to heaven with Jesus, he asked Him to forgive them for what they were doing to him.

People left Jerusalem and went to other countries telling about Jesus.

Saul was very destructive for the church. He went into people’s homes and dragged men and women to prison. He approved of Stephen getting stoned to death. And, those who were Christians went everywhere preaching the word.


  1. We should be like Stephen, Godly, wise and be always ready to serve others.
  2. We should always obey God and stand for the truth, no matter even if we’re persecuted for that.
  3. We should always be ready to forgive even our enemies like Jesus forgave his enemies even on the cross.


Unscramble the Sentence

Full a man faith of and Spirit Stephen Holy was

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