Daughters of Zelophehad

Scripture References: Num. 26: 33; 27: 1-11; 36:1-12; Josh. 17: 3-6 ; 1 Chr. 7:15

  • The Daughters of Zelophehad were Mahlah, Noa, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah.
  • They are from the families of Mannaseh, who lived at the end of  the Israelites‘ Exodus from Egypt.
  • Zelophehad didn’t have any sons and these young girls claimed their father’s inheritance and possession setting up a new inheritance law for all the daughters to inherit their father’s possession.
  • These daughters set an example for all of us to live a life of faith.

Highlights on their wisdom and faith in the Lord

  • Wise approach to Moses and the other leaders.

We see in Numbers 27, how these daughters make a plea to Moses regarding their claim for their father’s inheritance. They used the wisdom of the Lord wisely by approaching the right person – Moses and clearly made the request. At First, they clarified about their father and then brought in their request. When we have to speak to someone who is in a superior authority we always fear, but here we don’t see any fear in these daughters because they had the faith of God and they are claiming the right thing to the right person.

  •  Faith in the Promise of the Lord

They trusted and believed in the Promise that the Lord made to our forefathers – I will give you a land of milk and honey. Romans 10:17 says, ‘So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God’. This shows how much they would have heard the Promise of the Lord and built their faith, that too in the wilderness.

  • Faith on the Providence of the Lord

Unless we have faith, it is hard to believe that everything will go on well when we are in the most difficult situation like these daughters being in the Wilderness. They had faith in what they have not yet seen. We see their trust and obedience in the Providence of the Lord, they believed that God will fulfill His promise in His time.

  • Faith that they could be used by God to bring about change.

These 5 daughters approached Moses to get their inheritance and as a result of their faith they were given their share, just as it would have been given to the men. These daughters’ faith not only brought a change to them but created an inheritance law for all the women in the generations to come.

Lessons to learn from these daughters

  1. Faith is a very important element of a Christian life and we must grow in our faith with God every day. Hebrews 11:6 says, ‘It is impossible to please God without faith’. The very purpose of our existence is to please and glorify God and we can do it only by having Faith in him just like these daughters did.
  2. Trusting in the Providence and promise of God. Believing in things which we have not seen. Bible says we must walk by faith and not by sight. We must trust God blindly in all that he does for us. These daughters did the same; trusted God on the inheritance that they haven’t seen but believed in the promise of the Lord.
  3. We must wisely use our wisdom which God has given. We must be encouraged from these daughters, who used their wisdom by taking their plea to the God appointment servant, which shows their connection with God. Many a times we don’t depend on God but use our own dependency and fail things. We must learn to depend on God and His wisdom.
  4. We never know God can use anyone to bring a new change, new law. When God uses us, we must be humble and walk in his faith everyday.

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